System Integration

RealityEngineering is positioned as an independent technology services provider. At RE, our efforts remain focused on helping our partner-customers to manage change with technology in a context of continual process improvement.

We offers consulting, systems analysis, professional engineering and design services, implementation, and project management in data, voice, audio-visual, and infrastructure cabling. RE’s staff understands technology, where it has been, and where it is likely going. We share this expertise with our customers.

  • High Bandwidth Communications Integration
  • Museum Exhibit Design
  • VOIP and Legacy Telecommunications
  • LAN, WAN, MAN Network Implementation
  • Distributed Video Applications
  • High Bandwidth A/V Design & Integration
  • Network Operation Centers
  • Audio and Video Conference Solutions
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Conference Room and Boardroom Solutions
  • Pro-Audio

Project Management

At RealityEngineering, we offer the services of a team with unusual depth in network infrastructure, enterprise telephony, audiovisual, multimedia and presentation. In addition we are a deeply experienced, cross-platform project management resource. With RE, you benefit from our methodology incorporating the highest professional standards for systems design and implementation. The hallmark of our approach is that we value-engineer every stage of the technology acquisition process. Depending on the needs of your organization, we customize the process to define and quantify your technology requirements. We form a Critical Path document incorporating a technology design solution into a Master Plan that maps proposed systems from end to end.

We truly manage the process not just the project.

If this approach sounds right to you please contact us for an assessment. We would enjoy the challenge of making your project successful.

Engineering Design

RealityEngineering offers a number of engineering and design services that can help you make the right decisions when it comes to technology. These include:

Systems Audit:

Providing an exhaustive inventory of your current technology needs and capabilities, our Systems Audit provides you with a thorough assessment of your company’s base technology performance.

Capabilities Profiling:

Often the weak link in a system is the staff using it.  Capabilities Profiling allows business owners, executives, and managers to understand their staff as it relates to technology. This allows for more effective professional development and employee success.

Technology Benchmarking:

Evaluating your company’s technology resources in light of industry “best-practice” standards as represented by peers with comparable functional requirements.

Technology Application Selection:

Identifying and selecting “best of…” technologies that fulfill your strategic requirements.

Criteria Based Systems Design:

Defining functional objectives and determining systems criteria in light of strategic objectives. we believe in a holistic approach to design.  Systems have to work at all levels of the organization and we work hard to make every decision count.

Design Engineering & Specifications Development:

Preparing CAD working drawings, equipment specification lists and other project implementation documents.

ROF (Return On Functionality) Modeling:

Describing, reviewing and endorsing the system specifications and their value expressed in terms of deliverable functional advantages or ROF.