United Industries


In November of 2010, United Industries – an arm of Spectrum Brands – contracted RealityEngineering to outfit an executive conference room with a new audiovisual system. Work began in February of 2011, and the company was so pleased with the result that they quickly hired us for several other projects. By the time work was finished in June of 2011, three rooms were equipped with new audiovisual equipment, and a facility-wide paging system was installed.

United Industries is the home and garden arm of Spectrum Brands, and they produce well-known products such as Hot Shot, Cutter, and Spectracide. The company has thousands of employees and does millions of dollars of business every year. Crucial deals and decisions are made in its conference rooms, and company bosses felt an upgrade was needed.

Outfitting the executive conference room was the first part of the project, and the most in-depth. The room’s entire audiovisual system was updated and changed. Two 55” Sharp HDTVs were installed on one wall, on either side of a motorized projector screen. This setup allows for a constant influx of news. An HD Hitachi projector was mounted on the ceiling, and both projector and screen are controlled by a wireless touchscreen control. Tannoy speakers were installed around the room to provide crisp, clear sound.

The focal point of the room is the Polycom CX5000; a top-of-the-line video-conferencing center, this inconspicuous device sits on a table in the middle of the room and enables a vivid, 360-degree group video conferencing experience. Interactive and easy to use, the device helps to streamline communication no matter a person’s location.

Next up for us was a training room. A fully-integrated sound system was installed, including Tannoy speakers, Beyerdynamic ceiling microphones, and a Symetrix Jupiter 12 audio processor. A Cisco 7542g IP phone – capable of paging throughout the building – completed the room’s outfitting. Although not as flashy as the conference room, the training room also serves an important function for United Industries.

The cafeteria can be an effective area for company communication, but only if the background noise and lack of acoustics can be overcome in the space. Tannoy speakers were installed, along with a Beyerdynamic lectern microphone. The sound system is regulated by a Behringer audio processor. The new system will allow the company to make announcements, as well as give presentations, to all employees and guests in the lunchroom.

In addition to the outfitting of the three rooms, a facility-wide paging system was installed. Two floors of speakers and a Crest amplifier are controlled by a Viking (device name), and overhead paging is available from Cisco IP phones.

Paul Meinhold, facilities manager for Spectrum, spoke very highly of the work. “People have been able to easily use the rooms, we are very pleased with the system,” he said.

We enjoyed working for United Industries, and are excited to announce that we will soon be outfitting an additional conference room at the same facility.