Missouri Farm Bureau, Conference Center


A Complex System on a Short Timeline

In November of 2010, a new audiovisual system was installed at the Headquarters of Missouri Farm Bureau in Jefferson City, Missouri.  We were contacted in mid-October and the installation schedule was 30 days.  The project was completed on November 12th, in time for the inaugural event on November 19th.  This project was challenging and rewarding for our team.  The projector installation was especially creative, and the building staff at Missouri Farm Bureau was great to work with.  It is always a pleasure to collaborate with good people.

The core of the system is the audio matrix.  The unit has 20 inputs and 8 outputs, making it a 20×8 matrix.  A control panel in each room controls the room volume and programmable sources.  Complete system control is possible with the large touch screen installed in the equipment control room.  There are two wireless lapel/handheld microphone combinations and six wireless delegate microphones.  The wireless delegate microphones have a push-to-talk feature and can sit on a table during a meeting.  The wireless microphones and delegate mics can be assigned to any room via the control panel.  The six spaces can also be combined in any combination.  This offers complete system flexibility.

The video system is simpler than the audio system electronically, but was far more challenging to install.  The system includes four 10′  motorized screens.  The ceiling was modified to accommodate the screens and projectors.  Because of the very low ceilings, the projected images had to be as tight to the ceiling as possible.   The projectors were mounted above the ceiling level and the projection angle was quite severe in both the x and y axis.