Maryville University, Simon Center


RealityEngineering was selected to rework the sound system at the Simon Center on Maryville University’s campus. The previous system was unable to handle the larger crowds that come with an expanding and successful sports program so RE was brought in to solve the problem.

The system needed to be distributed. A traditional center cluster design was not practical because of the ceiling height and the need to not obstruct volleyball, one of Maryville’s top sports. Many distributed systems only provide sound reinforcement from the ceiling. This technically works but psychologically leaves the listener distanced from the system and increases fatigue. The final design provides an immersive experience for the fans with sound coming from the side wall in addition to the ceiling space. The effect has been very successful.

The system consists of Tannoy CMS-12s distributed throughout the space. A symetrix audio control system provides all the DSP control needed for the space. A custom remote control station was built for use at the scorers table for many events.