Joplin Relief Effort

We had the opportunity to go to Joplin, Missouri in late June to assist with the cleanup of debris caused by a powerful F5 Tornado. Eleven of us went to be available for whatever jobs needed to be done. The damage there is overwhelming, photos and video do not share the scope or the utter completeness of the destruction. We ended up working at three different homes clearing debris, recovering metal and cutting fallen trees up for firewood.

One family with four young children survived by getting into the crawl space under their home. The roof, some walls and all their belongings were sucked up by the tornado. Thankfully they all survived and were uninjured.

Nicholas Baur, who also went on the trip has made a video we would like to share with you here. Our little bit of work was only a drop in the bucket, but a bucket can be filled with enough drops. Please consider helping Joplin recover either with your sweat or your financial support.